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Everyone Deserves to Breathe Smoke-free Air

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The Smoke-free Louisiana Coalition is a group of organizations that supports evidence-based strategies proven to reduce tobacco use and exposure to harmful secondhand smoke, including spearheading the effort to protect all employees, musicians, and entertainers in bars and gaming facilities from secondhand smoke.

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Louisiana Smoke-free Law

Unfortunately, Louisiana has a statewide smokefree law protecting some, but not all, Louisiana employees. That law took effect in January of 2007, but it exempts establishments where employees are most exposed to secondhand smoke, including bars, casinos, hotel rooms, nursing homes, veterans' homes, and more. Since that time, numerous Louisiana municipalities including New Orleans, East Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and others have passed comprehensive ordinances to protect ALL employees from deadly secondhand smoke.

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Why does Louisiana need a comprehensive
smoke-free law?

Louisiana citizens who don't smoke are having their health and rights compromised by a minority who choose to smoke and expose others to secondhand smoke in public places and workplaces. In places where there is no comprehensive smokefree protection, people have high rates of chronic disease, including heart disease, lung disease, and respiratory illness. Louisiana residents pay a very heavy price for that small group of people to smoke in public places, with taxpayers paying $1.9 billion annually in healthcare costs and Medicaid expenses. All Louisiana residents and visitors have a right to breathe smoke-free air in public places and workplaces.

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A Comprehensive Statewide Smoke-free Law

• WILL ensure that smoke-free laws are applied equitably and fairly to all establishments throughout the state.
• WILL promote personal responsibility and stop infringing on the rights of non-smokers.
• WILL save taxpayers money, essential in a time in reduced tax collections and a limited state budget.

A Comprehensive Statewide Smoke-free Law

• WILL NOT infringe upon an individual’s personal choice to smoke as long as they don't violate other people's rights.
• WILL NOT stop business establishments from operating as licensed.

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